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Carlos Castellanos, The Spine Center

Carlos Castellanos of The Spine Center: “The referrals workflow helps us know where are new patients are coming...

Jun 21, 2024 Read More

Dr. Lisa Long of Long Chiropractic

Dr. Lisa Long of Long Chiropractic: “We like that security that comes with being cloud-based.”...

Jun 21, 2024 Read More

Susan Edwards, CEO and Managing Partner, Reliance Consulting and Management Group

Susan Edwards, CEO and Managing Partner of Reliance Consulting and Management Group, had this to say about ChiroTouch, “Insightful dashboards and easy provider documentation.”...

Jun 21, 2024 Read More

Dr. Corinne Dadivas, Spine and Sports Chiropractic Testimonial

Dr. Corinne Dadivas of Spine and Sports Chiropractic says, “ChiroTouch’s marketing features have resulted in a steady flow of patient reviews for our practice.”...

Jun 21, 2024 Read More

Dr. Walter Johnson: Exceptional Service, Highly Recommended

The ChiroTouch system has been everything the company says it would be. The customer service has been second to none. If you have the chance to work with Suzanne Maher, I HIGHLY recommend her. She will always be within arm’s reach and responds...

Apr 19, 2024 Read More

Dr. Corinne Dadivas: They Helped Me Get The Most of ChiroTouch!

Wonderful, helpful staff, listened to my concerns and showed me way more features of my EHR! – Dr. Corinne Dadivas, Newport Beach...

Feb 24, 2024 Read More

Christina Torres: Great Tech Support!

Giselle always provides outstanding tech support services. She listens and walks me through how to optimize ChiroTouch Cloud. – Christina Torres, Mid Valley Chiropractic...

Feb 24, 2024 Read More

Leslie Padilla: Easier, Faster, Efficient!

I’d like to share the positives of Chirotouch in the cloud that our practice enjoys. On the clinical side, things are easier, faster and efficient. The two-way texting is really nice! The patient appointment reminders are great. We’ve also had a huge...

Feb 24, 2024 Read More

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