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It takes many hands to make a busy chiropractic practice run smoothly. The chiropractor needs support from the chiropractic assistant, front office staff, and the chiropractic biller.

A chiropractic biller is the payment expert of any chiropractic practice. They handle all the details associated with payments for the practice. Some billers work for cash practices, but others handle insurance claims as well.

Depending on the size of the practice, chiropractic billers might handle any or all of the tasks shown below in a typical workday.

Medical coding infographic

Office Management

In many small chiropractic practices, especially those with a solo practitioner, billing may be combined with front desk and reception duties as well as the responsibilities of a chiropractic assistant.

Many people enjoy the variety of work that a small practice allows, but for others, a more specialized role as biller in a larger practice may be a better fit.

Medical Coding

Appropriate CPT coding and documentation are essential for any insurance reimbursement claim to be processed successfully. As a chiropractic biller, you’ll need to learn the standard codes used in chiropractic practices.

Chiropractic billers may seem like they work in a different language when they use CPT codes and ICD-10 diagnostic terminology. However, once you learn the basics, it’s not as complicated as it seems at first.

You’ll need a keen eye for detail; otherwise, you could unintentionally make errors that result in claims being rejected. When claims need to be reprocessed, it costs the practice time and money.

For services provided by an out-of-network provider, patients will need an itemized bill from your chiropractic practice. This is known as a superbill. As a chiropractic biller, you may need to generate superbills for patients, including the correct medical billing codes.

Payment Processing

Patients love having various payment options for their visits. As a chiropractic biller, you may work with cash, electronic payments, and insurance claims to help patients pay for the services they need.

You can simplify your workflow by using one system that offers your patients multiple payment options. However, while patients love having options, they can complicate your workflow.

For example, if your practice handles primarily cash, it may offer monthly treatment or subscription plans to help patients budget their care.

If you work for an insurance practice, you will need to understand private health insurance, Medicare, and workers’ compensation processes.

Chiropractic billers are expert payment processors who understand the differences between all these systems and can process them correctly.

Cash Flow Management


Sending out a bill or submitting a claim for reimbursement isn’t the final step in a chiropractic biller’s job to get the practice paid for services rendered. You will need to stay on top of unpaid bills and claims to help manage cash flow for the practice.

When you first start as a chiropractic biller, it might be difficult to anticipate when payments will arrive. Chiropractic practice management software can help you visualize this information through actionable reports and insights.

Audit Preparation

Audit document

Chiropractic practices can be audited to make sure they are maintaining the standards set forth by federal and state governments. If a chiropractic biller has done their job correctly, handling an audit is a breeze.

As a chiropractic biller, you may conduct a self-audit of the practice to keep everything in order. Audits can be done annually or more frequently for practices with high turnover.

This process can be incredibly valuable to the practice, helping you to correct errors before they become problematic. During a self-audit, you’ll examine patient records for documentation requirements, billing codes, and compliance with any insurer contracts.

A cloud-based software system can help your chiropractic practice stay audit-ready by ensuring compliant chart documentation and billing accuracy no matter where you work.

Why ChiroTouch Is the Standard in Chiropractic Software for Billers

Chirotouch screen shot

ChiroTouch is the standard in integrated chiropractic EHR software. It was developed by chiropractors for chiropractors and designed to meet the specific needs of all the roles in your practice — front desk, chiropractic assistants, providers, and billers.

No matter what type of practice you work for — cash or insurance; solo practitioner, multi-provider, or multilocation; growing or just starting out — here are just a few of the ways ChiroTouch makes a biller’s job easier.

  • ChiroTouch takes the stress out of implementation. Whether you are new to chiropractic billing or have years of experience, ChiroTouch take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. You’ll learn the system quickly with in-app tutorials and an extensive library of multimodal support in the form of articles, videos, and podcasts.
  • ChiroTouch simplifies the payment process. With an all-in-one screen, all the information a biller needs is accessible at a glance in a single location. You can save patients’ cards to their accounts and set up automatic recurring payments for care packages or memberships. What’s more, all payments post automatically to the patient ledger.
  • ChiroTouch streamlines insurance claim processing. ChiroTouch integrates insurance claim management with clearinghouse functions to eliminate the need for multiple vendors. You’ll be able to manage the claims cycle seamlessly directly from the software — with a single sign-in.
  • ChiroTouch increases accuracy and saves time. ChiroTouch comes preloaded with case type, technique, and therapy-specific templates designed to be “audit proof.” Plus, codes from provider charting are transferred automatically to patient accounts, ensuring accuracy in billing and saving you time.

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To learn more about how ChiroTouch simplifies the work of a chiropractic biller, see ChiroTouch for Billers.

For help in choosing the right chiropractic software, download our free checklist below.

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