3 Steps to Reduce and Prevent Denials to Streamline Your Billing - Chirotouch
June 5, 2021 by CT Marketing Article Billing

Ever stared at a screen of denials just waiting for you to rework? It makes you dread working on billing at all due to having to transcribe the reason you didn’t get paid in the first place.

The average cost to rework a denial is $25 per claim (not to mention the time spent reworking that claim that you could’ve spent doing something else). If you have denials in your business, you are likely leaving money on the table.

Here’s your invitation to learn how to reduce and prevent denials with CTProClear + Waystar Denial and Appeal Management. Join us for a webinar where our software and clearinghouse experts walk you through how to reduce and prevent your denials. We will be taking your questions live so mark your calendar for this value-packed presentation and learning session! Register now!

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