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Dr. Yaser Murshed of Game On Chiropractic finds ChiroTouch, The Cloud Standard in chiropractic software, easy in every way. ChiroTouch comes pre-loaded with a library of documentation templates that have helped him save time and improve efficiency from the very first day. Dr. Murshed is now spending less time on administrative tasks and more time caring for his patients.

Yaser MurshedThe Customer

Yaser Murshed, DC

Game On Chiropractic

421 E Robinson Street

Orlando, Florida 32801

Dr. Yaser Murshed practices chiropractic in Orlando, Florida. He has always had an appreciation for the holistic side of medicine, opting for more natural healing methods and minimizing medications or surgery. He grew up in New York City and graduated magna cum laude from Binghamton University with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Dr. Murshed named his practice “Game On Chiropractic” as a reference to the sports injuries he often treats but also as a nod to his and his wife’s favorite pastime: video gaming. In fact, the couple met at a video game conference.

That shared passion led Dr. Murshed to one of his healing specialties: “getting movement back into sitters.” He also specializes in sports and repetitive stress injuries in his practice.

The latter is another nod to his wife. When her job as a dental hygienist causes wrist discomfort, she turns to her husband for relief. “She’s my best patient,” says Dr. Murshed.

Dr. Murshed’s journey to becoming a chiropractor began in 2015 when he found relief from chronic shoulder pain with the help of a skilled chiropractor. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2018, determined to help other people experience the joy of living life on their terms without pain or discomfort getting in the way.

Dr. Murshed believes that pain and repetitive stress injury shouldn’t keep people from doing what they enjoy. Whether his patients are suffering from soft tissue injuries from sports or chronic pain from hours of gaming, he wants to help them work, play, and function at optimal levels.

The Challenges

As a solo practitioner, Dr. Murshed handles all the functions of his practice himself. All the paperwork, scheduling, and tedious office tasks fall to him. The time he spends scheduling patients or updating charts is time spent away from providing patient care.

His previous chiropractic practice management software had an old, outdated interface. It required a lot of typing for even the most basic patient charting activities. The macros didn’t save him any time. His chart notes were long and difficult to skim. It took time to determine past treatments for patients and document updates to treatment plans.

What’s more, Game On Chiropractic is a cash practice. Payments had to be processed separately and weren’t integrated with his EHR. Each patient was processed manually by Dr. Murshed without the ability to save cards or set up recurring payments.

With ChiroTouch, he now has the ability to store patients’ card data. He can set up recurring payments and care packages.

Before trying ChiroTouch, Dr. Murshed’s practice wasn’t struggling, but it wasn’t thriving. He realized switching systems could improve his practice efficiency and give him back some time to focus on what he enjoys.

As a solo practitioner, he wanted a product that was easy to implement and integrate with minimal downtime. Any time spent learning a new system was time spent away from patient care.

The Challenges with Previous EHR Software

  • Outdated interface
  • Excessive text entry
  • Unhelpful macros
  • Time-consuming
  • Manual payment processing
  • Little time to learn new software

The Solution

Dr. Murshed made the switch to ChiroTouch six months ago. He describes the process of getting on board with ChiroTouch as smooth and easy. Migration of patient data went “effortlessly and painlessly on my part.”

Dr. Murshed found ChiroTouch easy to learn with an intuitive and modern design and specifically created for the workflow of a chiropractic practice. In less than a week, he was using the ChiroTouch system in his practice for a range of daily activities and tasks that were previously handled by his older, outdated program.

He immediately appreciated the clean look of the interface and noted that the software ran much faster than other programs he had used in the past. He was surprised that the cloud-based software program was faster than the on-site server system he was used to.

As internet-based software, ChiroTouch is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. Dr. Murshed enjoyed the flexibility this gave him in his practice.


It’s so nice to access it anywhere, even when I’m home, especially on my phone.


ChiroTouch integrated seamlessly into Dr. Murshed’s practice. He takes notes in minutes, sometimes even in seconds with macros. These pre-set documentation templates have helped him save time and improve efficiency from day one.

Dr. Murshed’s charting area now has a clickable human anatomy diagram, making his notes easier to create and follow and creating a cleaner look.


My favorite feature of ChiroTouch is really their macros. When taking notes in my previous system, there’s a lot of typing involved. Now, it’s just one click with ChiroTouch’s macros. It’s effortless.


At the end of each visit, he’s not worried about how long charting will take. When updating a patient chart, he can document changes with a few clicks or taps on the touch screen. The burden of text entry has been reduced, producing cleaner, error-free notes in seconds.

Dr. Murshed can now quickly skim through treatment plans and update notes for patient visits. He spends less time on practice management and more time interacting with his patients.


It looks modern. … It looks clean. I’m most excited to help create a product I want to use.


The Results

Since switching to ChiroTouch six months ago, Dr. Murshed has streamlined his workflows, saving time and doing a lot less typing.

His documentation is much faster, more complete, more compliant, and more easily accessible.

ChiroTouch also helps Dr. Murshed maintain a nearly paper-free chiropractic office. He’s still printing new patient intake forms, but the rest of his practice is digitized with the help of ChiroTouch.

He’s excited that future updates will integrate more aspects of his practice. As a solo practitioner, he appreciates that the more functions the software can automate, the better he can focus on patient care.

Best of all? Dr. Murshed now has more time to do what he loves best — playing video games with his wife.

The Results

  • Simple patient data migration
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Less redundant text entry
  • Faster SOAP note creation
  • More complete and compliant documentation
  • Nearly paperless office
  • Time savings

Easy in Every Way

Chirotouch screen shot

Dr. Murshed’s experience validates that ChiroTouch is easy in every way:

Easy to get started. Dr. Murshed felt the data migration was simple and fast. He was running ChiroTouch comfortably in less than a week.

Easy to use. Dr. Murshed found the transition to ChiroTouch smooth and easy. Migration of patient data was done remotely — “effortlessly and painlessly.” He found it easier to use than his previous chiropractic software, smoother, faster, “more streamlined,” and “less bloated.”

Easy to access.  Dr. Murshed appreciated that he could easily access all the features of ChiroTouch from any device, anywhere, including from home, and “even on my phone.”

Easy to learn. Dr. Murshed said the transition to ChiroTouch he was using ChiroTouch smoothly and comfortably in less than a week.

Easy to personalize. Dr. Murshed’s favorite features of ChiroTouch are the customizable macros and documentation templates that are easy to personalize to meet the needs of any type of chiropractic practice, including his cash practice.

He found that ChiroTouch’s touch screen documentation, macros, templates, and hyperlinks make charting a breeze, and a same-as-last-time (SALT) feature makes notes for subsequent visits even faster.

Users can view previous notes and make updates to the patient’s treatment plan with just a few clicks. It only takes seconds to create CMS-compliant SOAP notes, eliminating unnecessary typing and freeing up time to focus on patient care.

Find out why ChiroTouch completely integrated chiropractic EHR software is The Cloud Standard in chiropractic software. Book a demo today.

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