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dr turnerAs a solo practitioner, Dr. Lance Turner of Point Chiropractic couldn’t let the transition to new chiropractic EHR software slow down his practice or take him away from patient care. Dr. Turner found transitioning to ChiroTouch, the cloud standard, to be smooth, fast, and easy, saving him valuable time and allowing him to grow his practice by taking on new patients.

The Customer

Lance Turner, DC

Point Chiropractic

498 Foam Street

Monterey, CA 93940


Dr. Lance Turner, affectionately known as Dr. T by his patients, is the solo practitioner at Point Chiropractic in Monterey, California. In his seaside practice, he specializes in back and neck pain treatments. He’s passionate about supporting his patients’ spinal health.

Before becoming a chiropractor, he spent a decade working in the food and beverage industry. His personal experience helps him understand just how important total body alignment is for workers in the restaurant, hospitality, and service industries.

In his practice, he helps his patients achieve healing connections with their bodies through optimal alignment.

The Challenges

Dr. Turner operates as a solo practitioner, handling every aspect of his practice himself. Before switching to ChiroTouch, he felt he was spending too much time on administrative tasks. He was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

He also felt like he was tied to the office, since his on-premises chiropractic software program only worked at his practice location.

What’s more, his EHR system felt cumbersome. The hard stops and mandated compliance blocks complicated his workflow and increased the amount of time he spent charting.

Challenges with Previous EHR Software

  • Solo practitioner with no support staff

  • Low-level technology skills

  • Too much time spent on administrative tasks

  • Cumbersome and complicated EHR

  • Inability to add individualized impressions to patient charts

  • Inflexible payment options and service fees

Dr. Turner was also frustrated that the provided macros didn’t allow the ability to include impressions or comments that could improve patient care on return visits.

Because he describes his technological skills as “on the low end of the curve,” he also needed an integrated chiropractic EHR that didn’t require extensive training or technical know-how. He knew that the transition to a new system with an already active practice could be a daunting task, so he needed a system that was easy to learn as well as easy to use.

Dr. Turner was also interested in a better payment solution. He operates a cash practice, and he handled all payments through a stand-alone point-of-sale (POS) processor. His patients didn’t have flexible options for payment, and the service fees charged by the payment processor were cutting into his profit margin.

The Solution

Dr. Turner transitioned his practice to ChiroTouch about six months ago. He found it simple to get started, with no IT experience required.  The onboarding process with ChiroTouch couldn’t have been simpler. His patient demographic data transferred in less than 24 hours with minimal effort from him, and he was able to start using the software with practically no downtime.

“The learning curve was almost nonexistent.… You learn as you go by clicking what looks like the easiest way to get there.”

The clean, modern interface was intuitive for Dr. Turner right from the start. He integrated ChiroTouch into his practice “easily and painlessly.”

The Results

As a previous user of the classic version of ChiroTouch, Dr. Turner had high expectations for the new cloud version. ChiroTouch meets those expectations.

“I had high expectations.… It’s what I was hoping for.”

After using ChiroTouch for six months, Dr. Turner has found ChiroTouch to benefit his practice in the following ways:

Improved efficiency. Dr. Turner has noticed improvement in his practice efficiency since switching to ChiroTouch completely integrated chiropractic EHR software. He appreciated the pre-loaded note templates right away. He could see from the intuitive, at-a-glance interface exactly where and how to access them.

Faster, easier, and more detailed documentation. Dr. Turner found the documentation process to be complete without being cumbersome. He enjoyed navigating through the compliance-mandated parts with ease.

Integrated macros allow him to customize his charts and diagnostic notes, and drag-and-drop touchscreen functionality speeds up charting significantly.

He especially likes having the ability to use free text with his macros to add details he finds important to patient notes. This is something he was unable to do with his previous software.

Results After Switching to ChiroTouch

  • Improvement in office efficiency

  • Access to software anywhere and from any device

  • Easy SOAP note creation

  • Customizable macros

  • Ability to add free text to charting macros for more complete documentation

  • Customizable scheduling

  • Improved payment processing

  • Ability to add new patients to his practice

Easy setup and customization. He also notes that the system was easy to learn, even with his limited tech knowledge. The setup process of the ChiroTouch software guided him through personalization details, so he could easily customize ChiroTouch for the way he works.

For Dr. Turner, this meant setting up standard visit lengths for each of the services he provides. This results in a daily schedule that’s customized for the way he works. His schedule won’t be thrown off by a mismatch between service time and scheduled slots.

“You can make the platform work for the exact way you practice.”

Though he hasn’t yet set up the online scheduling feature, he is able to meet appointment times with ease, increasing his efficiency and improving patient satisfaction.

Better payment processing. The flexibility of the ChiroTouch software extends to its integrated payment processing. The ability to offer contactless payments has been fantastic for Dr. Turner’s practice.

ChiroTouch also allows him to store card information to patient accounts and set up automatic recurring payments for care plans and memberships. In addition, payments automatically post to the patient ledger.

Cloud access allows complete mobility. Dr. Turner finds the cloud functionality of ChiroTouch invaluable. Before switching to ChiroTouch, he was limited to working on his desktop computer, so his administrative tasks had to be handled at the office.

When patients reached out to schedule an appointment, it could take a while for him to respond if he wasn’t at his desk.

Since switching to ChiroTouch, Dr. Turner feels less overwhelmed by the administrative tasks because he has location flexibility. He enjoys the mobility he gains from working from his iPaPad.

“I can make appointments, anytime, anywhere … and respond to patients right away.”

He can quickly log in to ChiroTouch through his browser anytime a patient reaches out. He’s been able to cut down his response time, which has been an improvement for both him and his patients.

Practice growth. Even without office staff, ChiroTouch lightens his administrative burden, allowing Dr. Turner to take on more patients. With the increased efficiency he has realized with ChiroTouch, he’s considering adding another doctor to his practice to allow for continued growth.

ChiroTouch, The Cloud Standard, Is Easy in Every Way

electronic record

Dr. Turner’s experience validates that ChiroTouch is easy in every way:

Easy to get started. Dr. Turner found the transition process quick and easy, even with what he calls low-level technology skills. He appreciated that all he needed was internet access to get started.

Easy to use. Dr. Turner found the ChiroTouch interface intuitive and easy to use. He was able to find what he was looking for right away on ChiroTouch’s streamlined, all-in-one screen.

Easy to access.  Dr. Turner noted that he could easily access all the features of ChiroTouch on any device and from anywhere. In the office, he now works from an iPad rather than being tied to his desktop. He also appreciates that he’s able to respond to patients’ schedule requests much more quickly than before he made the switch.

Easy to learn. Dr. Turner said the transition to ChiroTouch was simple and intuitive. With everything he needed accessible from the at-a-glance dashboard, he was confidently up and running in a matter of days.

Easy to personalize. Dr. Turner finds that ChiroTouch’s documentation templates and customizable macros save significant time on charting. He found personalization easy, and he especially appreciates the ability to customize schedule time slots for each of the individual services he provides.

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