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As a chiropractor, you might feel that you are constantly doing paperwork instead of helping patients. Many chiropractors are passionate about providing care but are less excited about administrative tasks.

Regardless of the size of your practice, you can’t afford to waste time typing the same information again and again, looking for misfiled patient records, or manually faxing patient forms. You need a completely integrated chiropractic EHR.

ChiroTouch is the Chiropractic Standard in Practice Management Software

ChiroTouch is the completely integrated chiropractic EHR you need to run a successful practice.

We use up-to-the-minute technology to help chiropractors efficiently take care of practice management, health records, and billing with an intuitive and easy-to-use program.

  • You can count on ChiroTouch. We know chiropractic, and our solution is built specifically for you with features and workflows based on how chiropractors work.
  • Experience. As the most experienced chiropractic software company. ChiroTouch has a legacy you can count on. We’ve been helping chiropractors improve their practices with powerful and intuitive software for over 20 years.
  • Unsurpassed expertise. We employ over 250 developers, trainers, and staff, including chiropractors. We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to making our product meet all of your chiropractic practice needs — whether you’re a solo practitioner, multi-provider or multilocation practice, a cash practice or one that accepts insurance. Our expertise has made us the most referred chiropractic practice management solution. More than 50% of our clients are referred by a friend or colleague.
  • The most loyal customers. Thousands of chiropractors have been with us for more than 11 years. We currently work with 13,000 chiropractors in the U.S. ChiroTouch has become the standard in chiropractic practice management software with its intuitive user experience, completely integrated software, and continuous innovation.

Here are a few reasons we’re proud to say that ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic software:

Cloud Capability

ChiroTouch works with cloud-based servers rather than in-house servers. Traditionally, many practices have used local servers for data storage, requiring a physical server onsite. Cloud-based alternatives offer countless benefits to chiropractors.

  • Cyber security. When you use a cloud-based platform like ChiroTouch, the hosting company takes care of upgrades and data protection. Your files are protected using modern encryption and authentication methods.
  • Reliability. Because your data is stored off-site and automatically backed up on the host servers, you don’t need to worry about fires or natural disasters destroying your practice data. You can focus on your patients and leave system stability and data safety to us.
  • Scalability. As a cloud-based EHR, ChiroTouch offers scalability and can easily allow you to grow your practice without investing in additional physical space to store paper records.

Complete Integration

ChiroTouch is a user-friendly, completely integrated cloud-based software solution that gives you practice management and electronic health records all in one place. This new generation of ChiroTouch was designed to maximize efficiency for virtually every process, including scheduling, SOAP notes, payments, billing, and more.

With ChiroTouch, you can manage your patient workflow tasks, like billing, charting, booking, and claims with ease from any device. You won’t have to juggle multiple vendors and payment processing systems because ChiroTouch lets you handle everything from one convenient log-in.

Continuous Innovation

At ChiroTouch, our approach to continuous improvement involves everyone — our people and customers working together. It’s why we’ve been the leader in chiropractic software for over 20 years. Building on our depth of experience and customer feedback, we keep improving the leading all-in-one EHR and practice management solution so you can keep doing what you love — but better.

We give you more power to run your practice your way with customizable templates and macros. These innovations are automatically implemented using cloud capabilities, giving you real-time improvements without the need to download or install new programs or updates.

ChiroTouch Empowers Your Practice End to End

Most chiropractic practices use an electronic health record (EHR) to protect and easily access their patient’s information. However, managing an EHR system is only one component of running an efficient and profitable chiropractic practice.

ChiroTouch empowers your practice with one chiropractic solution to deliver greater levels of efficiency and profitability while improving patient engagement and satisfaction.

You can schedule, confirm, document, engage, contact, and bill from any of your devices, from anywhere at any time.

ChiroTouch allows you to:

  • Boost everyone’s productivity and efficiency with role-specific functionality
  • Find what you need quickly with all-in-one views
  • Minimize clicks and screens with an integrated workflow
  • See and act on information fast using enhanced dashboards
  • Practice your way with customizable features and macros
  • Get answers to questions fast with multimodal support — interactive chat, context-sensitive help, searchable knowledge base, on-demand tutorials, and videos

ChiroTouch integrates all aspects of a chiropractic practice so you can manage your practice and patient workflow end-to-end — booking to billing, and charting to claims — from anywhere, anytime. Our completely integrated solution covers you every step of the way, eliminating the need for multiple systems and vendors.

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ChiroTouch is Intuitive and Easy to Use

Many chiropractic software solutions are difficult to learn or use. As a chiropractor, you know that increased chiropractor-patient interaction has been linked to improved health outcomes due to the collaborative nature of the treatment. You want to spend more time with your patients and less learning to use complex software.

ChiroTouch uses an intuitive and modern design that minimizes screens and clicks, allowing for an improved workflow. With ChiroTouch, patient information, SOAP notes, treatment history, and more are all tailored to the respective roles in your practice, giving everyone — front desk staff, chiropractic assistants, providers, and billers — easy access to the functions they need.

With our 20+ years of experience, expertise, and research, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Our intuitive in-app help system offers step-by-step guidance where and when you need it. You and your staff can see and act on practice-wide information that is updated in real time using enhanced dashboards.

With ChiroTouch’s short learning curve and ease of navigation, you don’t need to be tech savvy to learn to use it. Our clients learn the software quickly and are using it independently in no time.

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Benefits of a Completely Integrated Chiropractic EHR

ChiroTouch’s commitment to continuous innovation gives you efficiency benefits and improves all aspects of a managing a chiropractic practice. ChiroTouch streamlines all operations of your practice so your team can focus on what they do best — caring for your patients.

Here’s what that means for you.

Improved Efficiency

ChiroTouch will improve the workflow of your practice by improving day-to-day practice management. From patient check-in to billing, payments, and insurance claims management, ChiroTouch ensures that each step in a patient’s journey to better health is digitized for ease and efficiency — both theirs and yours.

Information entered at any point in the process feeds smoothly into all relevant areas of the software. It syncs instantly and is available to everyone in the practice who needs to access it, eliminating duplicate text entry.

Payment processing is also easy with ChiroTouch. You can offer your patient convenient electronic payment options that mean less time waiting for payments for you.

ChiroTouch also makes insurance management fast and easy. The software integrates both clearinghouse and claims management, helping you reduce rejections and get paid faster.

Productivity Boost

ChiroTouch helps you boost productivity so you can provide care to a wider range of patients and grow your practice. Our chiropractic EHR practice management software lets you see all patient information on one screen with just one log-in. This means fewer user permissions, passwords, and devices.

With ChiroTouch’s integrated EHR software, you will also benefit from pre-built macros and templates with touchscreen prompts for quick documentation, a streamlined workflow, and simplified payment and billing. Plus, you can create and personalize your own macros and diagnostic lists for even faster documentation.

ChiroTouch’s robust macros allow you to complete SOAP notes in as little as 15 seconds, saving you time and allowing you to give more attention to your patients. You can avoid paperwork and manual entry health records. With SOAP note view and previous chart note comparison from ChiroTouch, you can quickly add or remove notes from your patient sessions for boosted productivity.

Increased Profitability

  • Complete billing from a single application to suit both the cash and insurance-based practice
  • Ledgers with work lists that draw your attention where it’s needed
  • Bill your patients with ease — any way your practice operates — with time of service, care packages, recurring subscriptions, electronic statements, superbills
  • Completely integrated credit card processing
  • End-to-end electronic claims management life cycle allows you to manage the entire insurance claim life cycle directly from within ChiroTouch. You can generate claims, check status, revise claims, and receive electronic remittance advice (ERAs).*

Improved Patient Management and Engagement

Evolving improvements to ChiroTouch software build on the already comprehensive features for effective patient management and engagement. Tools like global patient search and a patient info panel make it possible to access information quickly.

We’ve further improved patient engagement with conveniences like online scheduling, advanced payment options such as automated recurring payments and membership subscriptions, and for insurance practices, completely integrated claims management with CT Advanced.

When you can offer your patients these modern booking, care, and payment options, you build and retain a loyal base for your practice.

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ChiroTouch is the Right Choice for Every Chiropractic Practice

Whether your practice is large or small, sole practitioner or multi-provider, cash or insurance, ChiroTouch is designed to meet your needs. 

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of completely integrated chiropractic EHR software, we can help you make the transition. Book a no-obligation demo today to learn how we can help your practice be the best it can be.

Have a well-adjusted day!


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