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  • Running a multilocation chiropractic can provide key growth opportunities, but multiplied costs and inefficiencies can quickly eat up some of your gains. 
  • Chiropractic software can eliminate or reduce some of these costs and struggles by centralizing operations and adding flexibility between locations.

Managing multiple chiropractic offices can be an excellent business strategy. It allows you to serve more patients, provide more jobs to the community, and build your image as a top provider in your market. But adding more locations multiplies the challenges and costs of running a single office. Using chiropractic software can help to ease some of these burdens (and their associated costs) by centralizing many of your daily tasks.

Let’s explore how chiropractic software helps you cut out some of the expenses and inefficiencies of a multilocation practice.

Use One Login for All Locations

In a multilocation practice, employees often float between locations and go where they’re needed most. This means they’ll need access to chiropractic software and systems at each location.

Chirotouch EHR simplifies system access by allowing users to have a single login while accessing information for multiple locations. Employees can sign in to any location with a single touchpoint, even if they’re still logged into the system at another location.

Restrict Employee Access by Location

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Chiropractic employees are no strangers to HIPAA and handling sensitive information. This information is typically available on a need-to-know basis and not freely accessible to all employees.

ChiroTouch supports this commitment to privacy by offering access restrictions based on role and location. Employees only have access to the information they need to do their jobs.

Also, employees will only be able to access patient data for patients associated with their location. This helps to avoid confusion with patients who may share the same name or other details. Syncing with location-specific data ensures optimal communication, improved compliance, and a better patient experience.

Give Patients Multiple Location Options

One of the benefits of having multiple chiropractic locations is being able to serve patients when and where it’s convenient for them. For example, a patient might have their “regular” location but request an appointment at a different location because they’ll be in the area on that day. Or if a patient can’t get an appointment at their preferred office, they can easily choose another location.

Chiropractic software for multilocation practices supports this unique benefit by allowing you to book patient appointments at the location of their choice.

Even if patients call one location but want to schedule an appointment at another, you can satisfy their request without asking them to make another phone call.

Providers will have access to all the patient’s necessary clinical information regardless of which practice they call home. There’s no need to email or mail medical records before the patient’s appointment because all of their information is stored in the cloud and instantly accessible from any location.

Minimize Overhead With Centralized Duties

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One of the most common challenges of running multiple chiropractic offices is curbing the overhead expenses for each one. A lot of costly infrastructure goes into each location, not to mention staffing requirements for each office.

One way to reduce overhead across all of your locations is to centralize some of the supporting roles. For example, instead of having one scheduler or billing specialist in every location, you might choose to have one scheduler or one billing person for the entire practice.

Consolidating these roles helps you to save on payroll and associated expenses. It might also affect the size of the location you need because you don’t need to provide office space for as many employees.

This approach is virtually impossible without centralized chiropractic EHR and practice management software. Your practice requires specific roles in order to serve patients, collect payments, and keep the practice running. But with chiropractic software, opening multiple locations no longer has to mean multiplying your staffing needs.

Retrieve Multi-Location Data from Anywhere

One of the advantages of cloud-based chiropractic software is that all of your data is stored in the cloud. There’s no physical infrastructure or on-site server required.

Whether you’re working in your home office or need to check something while you’re at a healthcare conference, you can access data at all of your locations at any time and from any device, as long as you have access privileges.

Offer Online Self-Service Booking Options

Consumers are increasingly interested in self-service options in many aspects of their daily lives. In fact, research shows that 40% of customers would prefer to help themselves versus making human contact. What’s more, 73% of customers would prefer to use a company’s website instead of other forms of contact.

While this data isn’t specific to chiropractic offices, it does underscore the idea that today’s consumers expect convenience, speed, and ease in nearly everything they do, from curbside grocery pickup to booking their chiropractic appointment online.

Chiropractic software helps you meet these expectations by offering self-service options. For example, patients can schedule their own appointments online at the location they prefer. If their chosen date isn’t available, they can see the next available date and time.

Generate Single or Practice-Wide Reports

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Want to know how a single location is performing, or how your practice is growing and thriving as a whole? Chiropractic software can offer micro and macro views of your practice so you can get the insight you need.

Run custom reports on each location or your entire practice. ChiroTouch offers several pre-loaded reports for your convenience to help you run a better practice.

Simplify Multilocation Management with Chiropractic Software

As the cloud standard in chiropractic EHR, ChiroTouch offers centralized convenience at your fingertips. Manage individual locations and the entire practice from a single source, no matter where you are. Seamlessly work between practice without any loss of data or productivity while also protecting your patient’s privacy.

See how ChiroTouch can help you manage your multilocation practice when you book a demo.


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