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  • Cultivating a patient-centered experience is essential to attracting and retaining patients and growing your chiropractic business.
  • Patients expect convenient, web-based tools like online scheduling, digital intake forms, and streamlined payment processing. 
  • Using digital chiropractic patient communication and intake tools can help you meet your patients’ needs for personalized experience and boosted satisfaction.
  • ChiroTouch’s integrated EHR platform and ancillary services can help you develop a patient-centered approach to managing your practice. 

In recent years, patient-centric care has become a growing focus in healthcare. Nearly 72% of patients want more personalized care from their physicians. When you focus on creating positive patient experiences, you build a foundation of trust and satisfaction to grow a loyal patient base.

Establishing a patient-centered experience means adopting convenient processes like online scheduling and enhancing patient engagement through emails, texts, and newsletters. These strategies can help you implement patient-centered chiropractic care that attracts new patients, improves patient retention, and supports your practice’s success.

Understanding the Chiropractic Patient Experience

Understanding the chiropractic patient experience is crucial to your practice’s reputation and cash flow. A positive patient experience means better patient retention, referrals, and an improved practice reputation.

Today’s patients value online appointment bookings, automated reminders, and digital intake processes. According to McKinsey & Company, more than 60% of healthcare patients expect the ability to change or schedule appointments online.

Enhancing patient satisfaction means meeting these digital expectations through platforms that provide online scheduling and digital intake forms. It can also mean using patient communication tools to connect with your patients.

Incorporating these digital elements into your chiropractic practice can boost satisfaction and trust among your patient base for a thriving business.

Building Trust Through Effective Communication

Effective communication is central to the patient experience in chiropractic care. Communicating with your patients helps them feel connected with your practice, receive educational information, and stay updated on procedures and new services.

There are several ways you can connect with patients through patient communication tools to build this trust:

  • Creating chiropractic email marketing campaigns
  • Informative newsletters sharing practice updates, new services, or wellness tips
  • Appointment and scheduling reminders that help patients book appointments and avoid no-shows
  • Posting educational or engaging content on your social media platforms
  • Sending SMS texts for special promotions birthdays, or practice hour changes
  • Encouraging communication through social media, email, or texts for questions or feedback

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Developing Patient Engagement

Digital tools can boost patient engagement, making interactions between you and your patients more regular and meaningful. For instance, using an EHR platform with a patient portal lets them schedule appointments, access treatment plans, and view educational materials.

Patient engagement can include gathering feedback through surveys or encouraging testimonials. This helps your patients feel heard and appreciated. It also provides insights into your patients’ experiences, allowing you to continually refine your practice to meet their needs and expectations.

Focusing on Patient Retention

Focusing on chiropractic patient retention is a cost-effective strategy for growing your chiropractic practice. In some sectors, a 5% increase in customer retention can translate to 25% more profits.

Offering a loyalty program, tailored care plans, or sending email retention campaigns can foster patient loyalty and encourage repeat visits. For instance, reaching out to patients who haven’t booked in several months with a special offer through email or text can bring them back into your practice.

Using Digital Intake and Payment Tools

A chiropractic digital intake process streamlines patient registration, allowing patients to complete forms online before their appointment. This ensures a smooth, hassle-free visit, improving their experience with your practice.

Providing easy-to-process and convenient payment options like online, phone app, and credit card payments through chiropractic payment solutions can book-end the patient-centered experience at your practice. From start to finish, these digital tools give the impression of a well-organized, efficient practice they can trust with their chiropractic care.

Integrating ChiroTouch Services to Improve the Patient Experience

ChiroTouch can transform every aspect of your business to create a patient-centered practice to increase patient satisfaction.

Some of the benefits you can expect from ChiroTouch include:

Streamlined Administrative Processes

ChiroTouch is designed to simplify your practice’s workflow to enhance the patient experience from the moment they walk through the door. The system streamlines workflows between providers, CAs, and billers for more effective patient management.

With features like an all-in-one dashboard that gives you a complete overview of your entire practice and integrated charting and billing functions, this end-to-end system simplifies and automates time-consuming tasks so you can focus on patient care.

Minimizing Wait Times

The cloud-based calendar and scheduler allows patients to book appointments online, enabling them to choose a time that suits their schedule. It also offers a recurring appointments feature to auto-populate future dates, while the multi-booking governor prevents overbooking and manages the flow of appointments.

CAs at the front desk can also use the room management features to accommodate walk-ins and manage room occupancy to ensure that every patient is seen on time.

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Additional Practice Management Services

ChiroTouch offers advanced services to enhance your patient journey. From seamless communication to intuitive documentation, these tools ensure every touchpoint is efficient and patient-centered.

  • CT MaxClear. A cutting-edge clearinghouse service that guarantees prompt and precise claim processing. You can save money and get paid faster with a 98.06% payer acceptance rate, track claims effortlessly, and simplify submissions by sending claims electronically.
  • CT Payments. CT Payments offers patients convenient payment options, including ApplePay® and GooglePay™. Its automated system ensures accurate billing, reduces manual errors, and facilitates convenient payment plans, making chiropractic care more accessible and affordable for your patients.
  • CT Engage. CT Engage allows you to send targeted email campaigns and SMS text messages for better patient communication. The tool also sends automated appointment reminders to minimize no-shows and missed appointments.
  • CT InForms. This offers digitized forms that expedite patient intake by letting your patients fill out healthcare forms before they arrive. It also enables you to ask for post-visit feedback, helping your patients feel heard and giving you insights into their experience.
  • CT Verify. This tool simplifies insurance verification, making checking and validating patient insurance specifics effortless. This means fewer post-appointment billing surprises and less hassle for patients.

Boost Patient Satisfaction With ChiroTouch

From streamlining the intake process to improving communication, you can count on ChiroTouch to help you create a practice that builds patient trust and loyalty to help drive growth.

Schedule a demo today with a ChiroTouch specialist to discover how this integrated practice management system can work for you.

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