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April 17, 2020 by ChiroTouch Article COVID-19

Solved: “I Forgot My Wallet”

Have you ever had a client not be able to pay during a visit? We hear this from DCs a lot. How are you supposed to run a business if your patients can’t pay? Simple – you can’t. That’s why we created a perfect solution – online payments through ePay.

So now, when a patient says, “I forgot my wallet?” You say, No problem, I’ll send you a link you can pay through your phone or computer online.”   

Send them their bill through email or text. They log in and pay online.  This saves you the headache and hassle of forgotten wallets, and bonus – their card information will be stored on file for future use.   

Here’s how it works…

  • With CTPayments, charges will automatically populate into ChiroTouch. There is a built-in automatic payment features for payment plans  
  • You can send your patients a link to pay online via text or email 
  • Cards can also be saved on file so there is no “I didn’t bring my wallet” issues anymore.  
  • CT Payments will automatically update the expired/lost cards in the system 
  • The customer keeps their card in their wallet while your front desk can continue to practice social distancing.  
  • Once you’ve done all that, payments are automatically posted to your patient ledger. CTPayments eliminates the headache of double posting (unless you’re into admin work, of course

One of the favorite uses of CTPayments we’ve heard from ChiroTouch users is that they can now request a deposit online prior to a visit.  If you’re using CTAppointments to have people book online, you can send them a deposit request to hold their appointment with ePay from CTPayments.   

Along with these integrations, you won’t pay more than you are now.

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