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Meet our expert, Dr. Caitlin Sterchi, D.C., Senior Training Specialist and College Liaison

Your EHR practice management system has a massive impact on how your patients engage with your practice. The right EHR software streamlines the patient experience, resulting in better satisfaction ratings, patient retention, and referrals. It also reduces claims and billing errors with automated features, boosting revenue across the board.

We recently spoke with Dr. Caitlin Sterchi, ChiroTouch’s D.C., Senior Training Specialist and College Liaison, to learn about the expertise behind the development and implementation of ChiroTouch. In our interview, we also discover how the platform can improve the patient and staff experience in your practice.

What follows is an edited transcript of our conversation.

Question: Who are you and what do you do at ChiroTouch?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

Hi, I’m Dr. Caitlin Sterchi, D.C., Senior Training Specialist and College Liaison. I’ve been with ChiroTouch for 11 years as of September. I wear several hats here. I work as the College Liaison for seven chiropractic schools using ChiroTouch in their student and on-campus clinics.

My newer role is assisting our onboarding teams with creating the best resources and strategic flow to help practices implement ChiroTouch software as seamlessly as possible. I’ve also assisted in side projects to develop and review content for software updates.

Question: How does what you do help make ChiroTouch a better solution?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

I’ve had years of boots on the ground treating patients, managing practices, and implementing EHRs in our practice. I provide insight to the internal teams building ChiroTouch about what real practices need.

I also relate to our providers and practices onboarding with the software. I know the struggle of implementing a technology to run your practice, and I understand how our customers can worry about investing time and resources to come up to speed with new technology. I’ve been there with my own practice and have worked with hundreds of practices getting used to new ways of working. It’s this sort of knowledge that allows me to help chiropractic offices navigate the best ways to implement ChiroTouch and its updates.

Question: How does that knowledge improve the customer’s experience?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

Having that real-world, practical application knowledge allows me to form a quick connection with our doctors and practices so that I can achieve two things: first, I can help them use our onboarding process; and secondly, I can take their feedback and share it with my wider team so we can continue improving our processes and product.

Question: How did you get started in your career?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

I always wanted to be in the healthcare field, and physical medicine was my main focus. Immediately after graduating from the National University of Health Sciences, my husband and I opened our own clinic, where we practiced together for a few years.

After a back injury left me unable to practice for as many hours as normal, I began exploring the world outside of active practice. A software vendor was looking for chiropractic consultants, and I thought that might be a good fit, seeing as how we’d already (unsuccessfully) tried THREE different software types!

I knew exactly what to look for and what to avoid. It turns out it was a GREAT fit, and here I am with ChiroTouch, 11 years and many different roles later!

Question: What led you to ChiroTouch?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

I’d met several ChiroTouch staff and doctors at seminars like FCA and Parker, so I knew we were like-minded in our approach of working hard to help people while always showing compassion. That’s how I approached my practice, so it felt like a natural transition to shift that mindset and apply it to what I’d be doing in the software realm.

Question: What does your day-to-day role look like as a D.C., Senior Training Specialist and College Liaison?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

In my daily role, I oversee onboarding projects, review onboarding resources, and collaborate on content. I also mediate calls with doctors and practices who are frustrated with their current software, meet with implementation teams, and schedule checkpoints for onboarding customers.

 Question: What do you like most about working at ChiroTouch?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

It’s a really great group of diverse people with one shared goal — to put the best product out there that we can, with the best attitude we can, to help as many offices as we can.

Question: How do you apply that shared goal and mindset to improve the customer’s experience?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

I can relate to our doctors on every level: as a practicing D.C, business owner, manager, and person. We all went to school to help people; we were never taught how to run a business or operate software.

I help bridge that gap. I can show them how to best implement ChiroTouch and, in doing so, show them the many ways ChiroTouch helps improve their practice and grow their business in every department. This includes everything from streamlining their office flow to running stat reports. It also involves the ability to create better documentation faster. I help them understand how that documentation can help establish relationships with other area doctors and build referrals, which ultimately grows their practice.

Implementing ChiroTouch the right way allows them to spend more time in their business, not just on their business. Less time spent on business management gives them more time to devote to patients.

Question: How does what you do help make ChiroTouch a better solution?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

Having not only myself but other wonderful D.C.s on staff in various roles is one thing that really makes ChiroTouch stand out among other solutions. It’s why we’ve been the industry leader for so long. I don’t know of any other platform with as much industry-specific expertise. When you’ve got D.C.s building content and delivering that content, it makes for a product perfectly suited to our target audience.

Question: What do you enjoy most about the work you’re doing?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

I absolutely love when an office comes in excited about the software but nervous about the process. I enjoy overseeing their onboarding and touching base with them throughout the process and hearing about the features they love and find helpful.

Hearing clients happy and successful at the end of their onboarding journey is rewarding because I know what it means in practice: a better-run office and peace of mind.

I also love that ChiroTouch is designed to make DCs’ lives easier! I know that juggling administrative tasks can take up valuable time that could be spent with patients. ChiroTouch helps chiropractic professionals make the most of their day while providing them with more quality care options for their patients.

Question: How do you enjoy spending your free time?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

Every free second I have is spent with my kids and my husband. We’re usually outside hiking, swimming, ice skating, or playing driveway basketball — you name it. Weather not permitting, I love to read and bake.

Question: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Dr. Caitlin’s reply: 

I love animals, and I am in the process of building a chicken coop so we can raise our own backyard chickens. (Husband is opposed, kids are thrilled!). I am also pretty good at ax throwing.

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