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August 21, 2017 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Business Management

Your chiropractic assistants are an invaluable part of your practice. Without good staff, your office will not run smoothly or efficiently. They are the people your patients’ first meet even prior to coming into the office. Chiropractic assistants ensure appointments are being scheduled and payments are being made correctly. They help your patients with insurance issues and contact insurance companies when there are problems. In addition, they maintain your practice’s database and help with patient education. Perhaps most importantly they build relationships with your patients just as you do and are an integral part of your practice. Your assistants deserve the best chiropractic EHR system available – and the overall success of your practice may depend upon it.

Too Many Tasks, Too Little Time

Every working day, your chiropractic assistants prioritize the needs of your practice. That’s part of virtually any job. If your employees have too many tasks and not enough time to complete all of them, certain issues will go on the back burner while some may fall through the cracks entirely. With EHR software, the inefficiencies slowing down your practice and making life difficult for your chiropractic assistants could be eliminated. Integrating all systems while phasing out paper processes not only makes your practice run more productively, but allows your chiropractic assistants to focus on the most important tasks. Imagine your CA’s have the ability to schedule patients, check appointment availability, reschedule appointments, run patient check-in, handle billing and post patient payments, all from the same software!

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