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December 28, 2016 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Business Management

Starting up a chiropractic practice can be a daunting endeavor that requires decision after decision to be made in quick succession. With so many moving parts it can be an exciting dream, if not a bit overwhelming at first blush. But with proper planning and the right tools on board, it can be a thrilling and expedient ride into a new era of practice ownership. Let’s take a look at a few ways to simplify the process and get you started off on the right foot.

Make a Business Plan

Researching and building a business plan can be just as valuable as actually having the final draft in-hand. Business plans are important to ensure you’ve completed thorough research. Your research should include the supporting documentation to make your funding request. It should also contain clear vision of the steps necessary to set up a successful business. A good business plan will include research that covers numerous factors.  It should cover your intended location, market research, staff requirements, startup costs, and well-supported short- and long-term projections.

Secure Funding

Securing a loan these days isn’t the cakewalk it once was. However, with the right business plan and a realistic expectation of your financial needs, you can be two steps closer to successful funding. Take the time to carefully and intently list out the financial needs of your business so that you have a solid number in mind before you reach out for the capital you need.

Purchase the Right Technology

One of the most vital tools to help you seamlessly evolve into a professional practice lies in selecting the right technology from the get-go. Find a technology that supports the modern healthcare infrastructure and helps prepare you for upcoming mandates without cramping your style. Your first EHR should also be your last EHR. It behooves you to make it a point to purchase a system that is customizable, comprehensive, scalable, and most of all, supported.  What do we mean by support? A company that has a long and respectable history within the chiropractic industry.

Market Effectively

Marketing can take some innovation on your part, along with plenty of mental fortitude. All other challenges aside, marketing can be a major speed bump for a new practice owner. Take the time up-front and work hard. Work to establish word-of-mouth referrals, offer friends and family discounts for referrals, and most effectively—get involved. Find as many opportunities as possible to provide free consultations and education and get your community members excited about your service. And last but not least, network with other local businesses to share the dream of serving your community together.

Effective Intake Procedures

Now you have new patients coming through your practice door. How you process your patient intake is a critical component? Intake sets the stage for the entire engagement with your patient – it is, in effect, your first impression. In today’s technology-driven healthcare world, handing your patients a couple of pieces of paper and a clipboard will make you seem outdated. Handing them an iPad, where their information feeds into your EHR system automatically shows yours is a tech-savvy practice.

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