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  • Patient retention starts with personalized care and the implementation of digital tools at your chiropractic practice. 
  • Technology integration, including telehealth services and digital communication tools, can increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Convenience, including online appointment scheduling and digital payment options, improves the patient experience for better retention.
  • Staff training can enhance the patient experience, while wellness programs and community involvement can improve patient outcomes and attract new patients.

As a chiropractor, patient retention is crucial to building a successful practice. In today’s digital landscape, focusing on cloud-based technology and a patient-centered experience are essential to see returning patients and keeping them happy.

Implementing patient retention strategies that prioritize patient satisfaction and implementing digital tools helps you create a personalized approach that keeps your patients returning and builds a thriving practice.

1. Personalized Care

In all areas of healthcare, patients have come to expect personalized care. Your patients want to feel valued and heard, so using a personalized healthcare (PHC) approach that focuses on patient engagement and shared decision making is ideal.

Get to know your patients — ask questions and actively listen to their concerns. Consider implementing a questionnaire or intake form that helps gather information about their medical history, lifestyle, and specific health goals.

Also consider patient communication tools that allow you to send customized emails, text messages, and exercise programs that make your patients feel valued and cared for.

Building a rapport with your patients can help you understand their needs and preferences and allow you to provide a more personalized experience that keeps them returning to your practice.

2. Technology Integration

Integrating technology into your practice can be a game-changer for patient retention. 68% of patients choose a healthcare provider who offers online scheduling, and 62% of healthcare providers feel patients are more satisfied when telehealth is an option.

When you offer digital patient communication tools, online appointment scheduling, and telehealth services, you make it easier for patients to access care on their terms. This level of convenience fosters loyalty and satisfaction among patients, who are increasingly seeking out providers who prioritize these features.

Technology integration in the form of email campaigns and SMS texts also improves communication and streamlines administrative tasks, freeing up more time for patient care. Embracing digital tools lets you build a loyal patient base that keeps coming back for chiropractic care.

3. Convenience

Offering flexible scheduling, telehealth visits, and online appointment booking provides patients with convenience and ease of use, making them more likely to return. In addition, patients expect convenient payment options when visiting healthcare providers that allow them to take care of their bills at the time of service.

In one survey, 74% of respondents said they prefer digital payments, including mobile wallet apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay, and online payments. Convenient payment options streamline your practice’s billing process and make it easier for patients to manage their healthcare expenses.

4. Staff Training to Enhance Patient Experience

Staff training is vital to enhancing patient retention in a chiropractic practice. 56% of patients consider friendly office staff when choosing a provider, so ensuring that your staff is knowledgeable and can provide excellent customer service can improve your retention rate.

Consider regular training sessions and workshops to keep your staff up to date on best practices regarding effective communication, handling patient concerns, and scheduling appointments.

You can also provide training on using digital intake tools, CPT codes for billing and insurance, and patient data management. Ensure you use a cloud-based EHR system that offers integration, automation, and robust customer support to simplify your staff’s daily workflow so they can focus on your patients.

5. Wellness Programs

Educating patients on healthy lifestyles, injury prevention, and the importance of following their treatment plan can boost patient retention. 61% of patients want to hear more from their providers, and 83% said they were eager to improve their overall health and wellness.

In chiropractic care, educational resources such as brochures, workshops, and one-on-one consultations can help patients understand their conditions and how to improve their spinal health.

Empowering patients with knowledge and tools to maintain their wellness encourages routine visits for adjustments and preventive care. For instance, an email campaign providing exercises to improve posture or tips on proper lifting techniques can motivate patients to stick with their treatment plans.

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6. Patient Feedback

Patient feedback is a critical tool for chiropractic practices to retain patients and improve their quality of care. A 2022 review found that 43.1% of patients considered online reviews an important factor in choosing a healthcare provider, while 54.8% reported that recommendations from others were also important.

Soliciting patient feedback through surveys, feedback forms, or regular check-ins can help your practice identify areas for improvement and promptly address patient concerns. By actively seeking patient feedback, chiropractic practices can demonstrate a commitment to patient satisfaction and build trust.

Acting on patient feedback can also lead to increased patient retention and referrals. When patients feel heard and valued, they are more likely to continue using the services of chiropractic practice and recommend it to others.

7. Community Involvement

Community involvement is a powerful tool for chiropractic practices to retain patients and attract new ones. According to a survey by Cone Communications, 87% of consumers have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.

Chiropractic practices can get involved in the community in various ways, such as sponsoring local events, participating in health fairs, partnering with other healthcare providers, and hosting educational seminars. By engaging with the community, chiropractic practices can build trust and credibility with patients and increase their visibility and reputation.

8. Communication

Effective communication is crucial for chiropractic practices to retain patients and ensure their satisfaction with the care they receive. A 2020 study found that patients who feel their healthcare provider communicates effectively are more likely to be satisfied with their care. This increased satisfaction may increase patient loyalty and make it more likely they will recommend your practice to others.

Communicate regularly and consistently to keep your practice top of mind for patients. You can achieve this through various channels, such as automated appointment reminders, patient portals, newsletters, and social media posts. Automated tools can help streamline communication and keep patients informed about upcoming appointments, special promotions, or new services offered.

9. Patient Education

Patient education is essential for chiropractic practices to retain patients and improve their overall health outcomes. According to a 2020 study on digital patient education, educational resources had a 69% efficacy rate in improving treatment and health outcomes because patients were more likely to follow through with their care plan.

Chiropractors can offer patient education forms, such as patient handouts, informational classes, and emails with links to online resources. Providing patients with informational materials can help them understand their conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures.

Hosting classes or workshops can also help patients learn more about healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise and nutrition, which can complement chiropractic care.

How ChiroTouch Can Help You Retain Patients

ChiroTouch is a completely integrated chiropractic practice management software that helps you retain patients by making your practice more efficient and patient-friendly. With features like online scheduling, appointment reminders, and convenient payment options, ChiroTouch streamlines the patient experience.

ChiroTouch makes it easy for patients to book and remember appointments, communicate with you and your staff, and pay for services. Automatic coding engines ensure patients are billed correctly, reducing errors and increasing patient satisfaction.

ChiroTouch add-on services CT Engage, CT InForms, and CT Payments work seamlessly from within ChiroTouch, enhancing patient retention with patient engagement, communication, and billing tools.

  • CT Engage allows you to send automated appointment reminders, patient newsletters, and promotional emails.
  • CT InForms lets patients fill out intake forms online and provide instant feedback, helping them feel heard and appreciated.
  • CT Payments provides your patients with convenient payment options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and online payment portals.

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