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Chiropractic Billing Software can have a huge impact on your chiropractic business and your patients. Read what patients and chiropractors love about chiropractic billing software now!

Chiropractic Billing Software Benefits

You’ve probably never given much thought about how patients feel about your chiropractic billing software. As long as their insurance is billed correctly, why do they care? In fact, patients have good reasons to appreciate state-of-the-art chiropractic billing software, even if they don’t realize it. That’s because when a practitioner has total confidence in the practice’s billing software, they have more time to spend with patients. The same holds true for staff, who are no longer bogged down with making manual entries or trying to fix billing errors. You didn’t become a chiropractor so you could spend time addressing billing issues. When you have confidence in your chiropractic billing software, you can focus completely on your patients, which is why you dedicated yourself to this profession.

Chiropractic Billing Services

Are you currently using a chiropractic billing service rather than your own chiropractic billing software? Outsourcing your billing has some advantages, but it’s also costly, and you have no control over the billing or fast access to patient accounts.

What do you want, and more importantly, what do you need in chiropractic billing software that would make you change from your chiropractic billing service? Of course, you want software that is accurate, efficient, and saves your practice money. The bottom line for either system is indeed your bottom line, and you want a system that helps you increase collections. You also want software that’s easy to navigate, and where you can see all of a patient’s information at once. You want sections that are well-defined, so there’s no accidental crossing over to somewhere else when a staff member is working in one area. You want the ability to add insurance notes to patient accounts, and the ability to enter multiple payments all on one screen.

Automatic updating is a must. Handy quick buttons for insurance are a nice touch, as is the ability to complete secondary insurance without problems. You want a system that is a breeze to set up or update for new and renewing patients. The software must have sufficient space for thousands of patient files, with no hiccups.

You’ll find everything you want and need with ChiroTouch chiropractic billing software.

ChiroTouch Chiropractic Billing Software

Here’s why you and your patients will love this software. ChiroTouch’s chiropractic billing software offers everything a chiropractor could want in such tools, along with services they may not have realized they were missing until they start utilizing them. Patients will like ChiroTouch chiropractic billing software because it verifies beforehand whether their insurance will pay for a particular treatment. If the insurance company will not pay, the patient has the choice of discussing the matter with an insurance representative before undergoing treatment or paying for the treatment out of pocket, but they don’t have to concern themselves with a payment they thought was covered and wasn’t. Send individual claims from the patient ledger, and check that postings go directly into the patient’s account ledger. Quickly post payments from different vendors, whether it’s from the insurance company or the patients themselves. As one ChiroTouch user put it, the software “makes it much easier to run an insurance-based clinic and to have different providers with different degrees under the same roof.”

ChiroTouch’s chiropractic billing software is completely integrated into one practice management system. The combination also includes patient scheduling, electronic health records, inventory management, outcomes assessments, and more. The billing component includes claim scrubbing, eligibility inquiries, automated batch posting, durable medical equipment billing, and the handling of workers’ compensation claims, among other features. If you have plans that are automatically debited, this software integrates easily with Cash Practice. With its accounting app, the system imports electronic remittance advice and sends out electronic claims immediately. Everything complies with HIPAA. The software is customizable and user-friendly with an easy learning curve, but there is first-rate customer support when needed. ChiroTouch hosts regular webinars, so chiropractors and their staff can stay on top of their game. You will save hours each day because ChiroTouch makes account management so simple and efficient.

This software has more functionality than any other product on the market. Once your practice makes the switch to ChiroTouch, you’ll wonder how you ran your office without it. Call us today and find out how ChiroTouch improves your practice and makes billing incredibly efficient by scheduling a demo.

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