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August 15, 2017 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Reporting, Data, Profession

In our previous posts, we have noted the lack of Chiropractic-based Quality measures covered by the Quality Payment Program (QPP). This has troubled many chiropractors and many have wondered where chiropractors fit into the program. The ChiroTouch team responded to these reactions by developing meaningful Quality measures in our software.

Now… we look into the future!

More and more, chiropractors are beginning to focus on measures that pertain to combating or assessing mental illness, degenerative brain diseases, and substance abuse, such as clinical depression, dementia, or opioid dependence. The reason that these screenings are performed is to allow for early detection and treatment. Chiropractors can then provide a referral to an appropriate care team. With this approach, providers are able to identify afflictions that are not covered in a typical exam by many specialists.

Including these approaches to care could now help to ease chiropractors through future transitions. Taking on these preventative and proactive measures will also help prepare patients for these types of inquiries when establishing a standard of care. Patients have become more involved with the aspects of a health screening, and it may be important to introduce these changes sooner rather than later.

This will not happen overnight. Many chiropractors do not like to ask patients about their mental health, social habits, and drug and alcohol use. While it may be uncomfortable to ask these questions at first, as the program progresses, we anticipate that these questions will become part of the standard exam for most, if not all, providers.

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