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  • Chiropractic billing has two sides: insurance claims and the patient’s out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • Discover how to get paid faster with CT Payments and CT MaxClear, the combination that addresses both sides of the patient billing coin. 
  • Getting paid faster helps you run a more profitable practice. It reduces time spent following up with payers and patients, resubmitting claims, correcting coding errors, and correcting manual data entry errors.

Chiropractors pride themselves on seeing their patients progress and achieve a higher quality of life. But in order to continue serving patients, you need to receive payment for services rendered. Learning how to get paid faster can ensure better cash flow, increased financial certainty, and an overall healthier practice.

At ChiroTouch, we’re continually optimizing our chiropractic EHR to support chiropractors across all moving parts of their practices. Payments play a big role in sustaining a thriving practice. Let’s look at how we’re helping to streamline the process with our CT Payments and CT MaxClear payment services.

Meet CT Payments: A Faster Way to Process Payments

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More and more patients prefer to pay for chiropractic services via credit card or online payment options. In general, fewer people are carrying cash these days, which means that chiropractors should offer multiple ways for patients to pay for services.

The challenges in collecting payments are many. In a previous article, we shared that many chiropractors struggle to offer convenient payment options, lack integration between payments and their chiropractic billing software, and spend too much time manually inputting recurring payments.

All that manual data entry adds up to hours lost per week. And with the risk of human error or a lack of payment options that cater to your patients’ preferences, your collections could be delayed.

CT Payments helps to solve these challenges by eliminating the daily reconciliation process and reducing the potential for human error. CT Payments processes patient payments directly within the ChiroTouch software. Patients can choose the option that works best for them, including chip credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, or even online or over-the-phone payments.

Administrative personnel can save themselves as much as 30 minutes per day on payment processing by reducing their manual involvement. CT Payments allows you to save credit cards for future payments, set up recurring payments, or quickly process in-person payments. Each payment is posted directly to the patient ledger, so you can more easily track who has paid and whether there’s a remaining balance.

About CT MaxClear

Not all payments come directly from your patients’ pockets. We know that insurance companies often account for a large portion of a practice’s cash flow. That’s why we developed CT MaxClear.

CT MaxClear is an integrated claims processing solution available with Chirotouch Advanced, the ChiroTouch solution for insurance practices. We designed this service to help you process claims faster and more accurately so you can get paid by insurance companies in a more timely manner.

ChiroTouch Advanced integrates payment processing for care plans and subscriptions. One interface handles the entire claims cycle, from submitting claims electronically to automatically updating claims status.

Data shows that it can take as much as $25 to rework a single insurance claim. It takes time to verify coverage and code each claim based on the patient’s insurance requirements. Having to do this a second time (or more) for the same claim reduces the net monetary gain of the services performed. In addition, it takes time and effort to track all of your outstanding insurance claims and follow up with the ones that haven’t been paid.

With CT MaxClear, your practice can track all of your insurance claims from a single platform. Your administrative team can send claims directly to each payer via the platform instead of resorting to certified mail, faxing, or other slower methods. You can also post payments directly through the portal for faster tracking.

How to Get Paid Faster with CT Payments and CT MaxClear

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Billing is one of the most critical areas of every practice because it affects your profitability. The faster you get paid, the less time you have to spend tracking claims, following up with payers and patients, fixing manual mistakes, and resubmitting claims. That time comes directly out of your bottom line, so getting paid faster is a top priority for chiropractors.

ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic software, and its payment features demonstrate why. We’ve combined the patient payment process with insurance claims processing to create a single interface for your entire billing department.

Our software for chiropractors allows you to automate repetitive payment tasks to free up valuable admin hours. Gain more flexible payment options so that patients can pay on the spot for services rendered instead of having to send them a bill (and potentially never get paid). You will also be able to send patient statement notifications electronically that your patients can then conveniently pay online.

What’s more, if your patient is splitting the bill with their insurance company, you will be able to track separate payments through a single system.

The combination of CT MaxClear and CT Payments will help you increase claims acceptance rates and reduce billing and coding errors that could delay payment.

Get Paid Faster with ChiroTouch

Time is money, and ChiroTouch helps you save both. We’ve designed our payment solutions to work the way chiropractors do, ensuring efficiency at every touchpoint. Our completely integrated approach keeps all of your payment data in a single place to minimize the need for hands-on activities. Use that extra time to treat more patients, improve the patient experience with fewer billing hiccups, and gain confidence that your revenue will keep flowing.

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