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3 Ways To Generate Chiropractic Patient Referrals (Incentives Work Too!)

Highlights   You can get more chiropractic patient referrals for your practice by using email campaigns, SMS texting, and post-visit communications. Effective patient communication, especially post-visit, fosters deeper relationships and boosts referral rates. Automated reminders can reduce no-shows, increasing patient satisfaction and contributing to a thriving practice. Tailored email campaigns promoting referral programs can expand your […]

FAQ: Transitioning to a Cash-Based Practice

Highlights   Transitioning to a cash-based practice can provide financial stability and improve patient satisfaction.  Cash payments can mean better patient-practitioner relationships due to more transparent and direct billing and services. A cash-based approach frees up time for more personalized patient care.  Using chiropractic resources, such as expert-led webinars and an integrated practice management system, can […]

Embracing Technology: Enhancing Efficiency in a Cash Practice

Highlights   Embracing technology like a cloud-based EHR can simplify your cash practice’s operations and boost efficiency.  Advantages of using a cloud-based EHR include anywhere, anytime accessibility, increased cost-effectiveness, and better integration with digital health tools.  Switching to ChiroTouch, a leading provider of chiropractic software solutions for over 20 years, can help you streamline operations at […]

How Cash-Based Chiropractic Can Simplify Insurance Woes

Highlights   Cash-based chiropractic billing provides practices an alternative to insurance-based approaches, which can result in slow cash flow and claim denials.  With cash-based billing, your practice can see quicker, more reliable payments from patients, improving your ability to predict cash flow.  Cash-based billing reduces administrative burdens like coding and claim submission, allowing your staff to […]

Creating a Welcoming Environment: Enhancing the Patient Experience in Cash-Based Chiropractic

Highlights Patient-centric care improves outcomes and enhances the patient experience in cash-based chiropractic practices. While patients must pay upfront in cash-based practices, they are more flexible, can offer more services, and provide better communication. Cash-based practices can improve the patient experience with a soothing atmosphere, convenient scheduling and payment options, and customized treatment plans. ChiroTouch […]

3 Best Chiropractic Billing Tips Revealed

Highlights Optimizing your chiropractic billing can help you generate more revenue and support your practice’s growth. With automated insurance processing, you can reduce billing and coding errors, ensure you stay compliant, and retrieve patient information easily. Automated insurance processing helps to reduce billing and coding errors, ensuring you stay compliant and retrieve patient information easily. […]

Stop Putting Up With Denials And Rejections!

At ChiroTouch, we don’t think billing and rejections belong together. In fact, we hate rejections and denials so much that we actually created a solution specifically for billing! Watch ChiroTouch experts Kelly Trentacosti (Revenue Cycle Product Manager) and Michelle Butler (Senior Trainer) discuss the advantages of CTProBill. Learn how ChiroTouch can help with recurring billing […]

CPT Code 98942: Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment; Spinal, 5 Regions

This quick reference guide to CPT code 98942 answers frequently asked questions from our community of chiropractors. Keep an eye out for other articles in our ongoing series, courtesy of ChiroTouch, the cloud-based EHR designed specifically for chiropractors.  About CPT Code 98942: Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT); Spinal, 5 Regions Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT) is a […]

Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: How Data Gathering Makes or Breaks Your Revenue Cycle

An engineer knows that the taller the building, the stronger and deeper the foundation must be. If any building, or process, is built on a shaky foundation, the ramifications could be devastating. The revenue cycle for most healthcare practices has three distinct parts: Data Gathering, Billing, and Collections. We think the most important element is […]

2023 Medicare Chiropractic Billing and Regulatory Updates

Highlights To stay compliant with Medicare chiropractic billing, your practice must follow regulatory, and CPT code updates for 2023.  Regarding the No Surprises Act, providers must continue to disclose good faith estimates while understanding changes to Medicare beneficiaries’ premiums and reimbursement rates.  The updated E/M guidelines reflect the simplification of the CPT codes, allowing chiropractors […]

Protect Your Revenue: Credentialing Best Practices for Preventing Payment Gaps

A solid credentialing plan is critical to increasing your bottom line. Why you may ask? Because a lack of proper credentials can lead to lost revenue. Implementing credentialing best practices – document and data prioritization, thorough application review and submission, and diligent payer follow up activities – can improve turnaround times and prevent gaps in […]

Chiropractic Billing: Complying With The No Surprises Act

Highlights   The No Surprises Act (NSA) significantly impacts chiropractic billing for practices in the U.S.  NSA provisions prohibit surprise billing for out-of-network services received by patients. Staying compliant with NSA means giving patients easy-to-understand fee schedules and in-network versus out-of-network providers and services at your practice. Cloud-based chiropractic EHR practice management software can help you […]

Chiropractic Billing and Payments: One Screen Does It All

Highlights  Lack of appropriate tools for chiropractic billing and payments can cause errors in data entry, redundant billing tasks, and a lack of payment options for patients.  An integrated payments solution helps your practice create a patient experience with faster payment processing and automated recurring payments.  Integrated billing and payment software offers increased accuracy in […]

Chiropractic Practice Management Software Maximizes Office Efficiency

Highlights:  ChiroTouch is a chiropractic practice management software system that integrates all functions of chiropractic management — from check-in to billing — for a smooth and efficient flow of information. Providers and all staff have easy and immediate access to all patient information. ChiroTouch is customizable using preset and easy-to-create macros. ChiroTouch simplifies documentation and […]

Denial Management: How to Reduce Costly Rejections

Highlights   Claims denial management is vital to the success of your chiropractic practice. Denial management involves assessing the root cause of denials and using a proactive approach to ensure proper submission.  Training your staff on chiropractic billing and coding can reduce claims denials. You can support your denial management strategy with fully integrated chiropractic EHR […]