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FAQ: Transitioning to a Cash-Based Practice

Highlights   Transitioning to a cash-based practice can provide financial stability and improve patient satisfaction.  Cash payments can mean better patient-practitioner relationships due to more transparent and direct billing and services. A cash-based approach frees up time for more personalized patient care.  Using chiropractic resources, such as expert-led webinars and an integrated practice management system, can […]

Embracing Technology: Enhancing Efficiency in a Cash Practice

Highlights   Embracing technology like a cloud-based EHR can simplify your cash practice’s operations and boost efficiency.  Advantages of using a cloud-based EHR include anywhere, anytime accessibility, increased cost-effectiveness, and better integration with digital health tools.  Switching to ChiroTouch, a leading provider of chiropractic software solutions for over 20 years, can help you streamline operations at […]

Creating a Welcoming Environment: Enhancing the Patient Experience in Cash-Based Chiropractic

Highlights Patient-centric care improves outcomes and enhances the patient experience in cash-based chiropractic practices. While patients must pay upfront in cash-based practices, they are more flexible, can offer more services, and provide better communication. Cash-based practices can improve the patient experience with a soothing atmosphere, convenient scheduling and payment options, and customized treatment plans. ChiroTouch […]

Navigating Marketing Strategies for Cash-Based Chiropractic Practices

Highlights Knowing the right marketing strategies for cash-based chiropractic can help you attract new patients and grow your cash-only practice.  With a focus on using social platforms and optimizing SEO, you can boost your online presence to bring new patients in. Strategies like referral programs and email campaigns can boost patient retention and attract more […]

Meet the Expert: Recommendations and Best Practices That Could Transform Your Chiropractic Operations and Optimize Revenue

Introduction This article explores the experiences and insights of Susan Edwards,practice management consultant from Reliance Consulting and Management Group. Susan has extensive experience working with chiropractors to navigate the changes that come with investing in a new practice management solution. The chiropractors Susan has worked with have seen great improvements in their workflows since switching […]

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Highlights   Optimizing your Google My Business listing can help you boost online visibility and attract more patients to your practice.  To optimize your GMB listing, you can implement strategies such as asking for reviews, completing all areas of the profile, and keeping your practice information up-to-date.  Integrated chiropractic EHR software like ChiroTouch can help you […]

How To Create a Chiropractic Patient Referral Program

Highlights  Learn how to create a patient referral program to attract new patients using your existing patient network.  Developing a patient referral program requires creating attractive incentives and emails to share with patients to encourage them to refer new patients to your clinic.  Digital patient communication tools can help you optimize your referral program by […]

Six Ways ChiroTouch Can Improve Your Practice’s Profitability

Work less and earn more with completely integrated chiropractic practice management software. Streamline your workflow and boost revenue with faster charting, online scheduling, integrated payment processing, and automated claims management. This practical guide gives you an inside look at how automated workflows and high-level data storage can improve your practice’s profitability.  In our guide, you’ll […]

5 Ways to Reduce Missed Appointments

Highlights   Chiropractic practices must reduce missed appointments to ensure patient retention and smooth cash flow. Implementing appointment reduction strategies like better patient communication and automated reminders can reduce no-show rates.  Practice management tools like dashboards can help identify no-show patterns, allowing you to enact real-time solutions. Using integrated chiropractic EHR software can provide communication tools […]

Increase Chiropractic Utilization With Mark Studin, DC., FASBE (C.), DAAPM

Watch Dr. Mark in this one-hour webinar as he explores the avenues and tools vital for practices seeking to increase chiropractic utilization. In addition to Dr. Mark’s teachings, ChiroTouch specialist Dr. Blask demonstrates how the concepts taught by Dr. Mark perfectly sync with ChiroTouch software. Tools: – MRI – X-Ray Digitizing – Non-specific Back Pain […]

2023 Marketing Playbook for Chiropractors

For chiropractors, effective marketing is essential for building a successful practice. The right marketing strategy helps you promote your services to increase awareness for your brand, establish trust and credibility, and grow your patient base. This comprehensive guide outlines everything you need to know about chiropractic marketing to help you attract new patients for a […]

9 Trends in Chiropractic Patient Retention

Patient retention starts with personalized care and the implementation of digital tools at your chiropractic practice.  Technology integration, including telehealth services and digital communication tools, can increase patient satisfaction and loyalty. Convenience, including online appointment scheduling and digital payment options, improves the patient experience for better retention. Staff training can enhance the patient experience, while […]

I Am ChiroTouch: Dr. Tami Howard

Meet our expert, Dr. Tami Howard, Product Strategy Manager at ChiroTouch Your practice management software can significantly impact how your patients feel about your practice. It is, after all, the first and the last touchpoint of a patient’s engagement with your practice. An intuitive digital patient experience can affect satisfaction ratings, improve patient retention and […]

10 Creative Social Media Post Ideas for Chiropractors

Highlights Social media post ideas can engage your followers and showcase the expertise and personality of your chiropractic practice. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube offer ways to showcase your unique social media ideas to attract and retain patients.  Use social media to share creative, attention-grabbing posts such as funny memes and engaging contests. Brainstorming social […]

How To Grow a Chiropractic Business in a Recession

Highlights   To grow a chiropractic business, you can protect against economic downturns by using an efficient EHR system to reduce costs and increase profitability.  By implementing cloud-based EHR software you can access integrated SOAP note features and automated billing for better patient care.  Streamlined insurance processing and location-wide syncing improve compliance and allow your practice […]