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Discover the Key to Chiropractic Practice Growth

Looking for a fresh approach to growing your chiropractic practice? Dr. C.J. Mertz shares his proven strategy for achieving steady growth, improved performance, and increased revenue with the principles of controlled chaos. In this eBook, you will learn: How to use a controlled chaos mindset to balance stability and change while optimizing growth Strategies for […]

Know How and When to Expand Your Chiropractic Practice

Table of Contents Recognizing the Right Time to Expand Planning for Expansion with ChiroTouch Strategic Planning Financial Considerations Technology as a Backbone Implementing Expansion Strategies Expand Your Chiropractic Practice With ChiroTouch Most chiropractors dream of expanding their practice, serving more patients, and seeing more cash flow on their accounting reports. However, expanding before you’re ready […]

5 Ways to Practice Happier

Download our eBook to discover how to create a more efficient, streamlined workplace for your chiropractic practice. Learn how an innovative, cloud-based practice management system can significantly boost morale for everyone involved — from staff to patients. Gain insights on: Reducing administrative burden. Understand how minimizing time spent on scheduling and paperwork can enhance overall […]

The Heart of ChiroTouch: Community as a Central Force

Highlights  The ChiroTouch Community is a core element of the ChiroTouch ecosystem, offering comprehensive support to users. Our ChiroTouch Community offers resources like FAQs, on-demand videos, articles, and discussion threads where users post experiences and solutions.  With expert insights, you can learn from those who have used ChiroTouch to run their practice. With changes on […]

Effective Social Media Marketing with Videos (Amateurs Welcome)

Highlights Social media marketing with videos is an effective way to market your chiropractic services and bring in more patients.  Video marketing for chiropractic practices can include treatment demonstrations, user-generated content, and education videos.  Posting on the right platform and including a persuasive call-to-action can ensure successful social media video marketing.  Patient communication tools that […]

Testimonial — Dr. Lisa Long: On the Path to Success with ChiroTouch

Dr. Lisa Long, a seasoned chiropractor, has been using ChiroTouch from its early stages. As a member of the early adopter program, she transitioned through various software versions to the current cloud-based system, providing helpful feedback and suggestions along the way. Dr. Lisa’s testimonial highlights her journey as an early adopter and beta tester, providing […]

What to Include in Your Chiropractic Practice SOAP Notes

Highlights   Chiropractic SOAP notes keep your practice compliant and ensure top-notch patient care. SOAP notes are essential for cash-based and insurance-based chiropractic practices. Chiropractic SOAP notes provide a roadmap of care for your patients and help you align billing with the day’s treatments. An all-in-one chiropractic EHR practice management system like ChiroTouch allows you to […]

FAQ: Transitioning to a Cash-Based Practice

Highlights   Transitioning to a cash-based practice can provide financial stability and improve patient satisfaction.  Cash payments can mean better patient-practitioner relationships due to more transparent and direct billing and services. A cash-based approach frees up time for more personalized patient care.  Using chiropractic resources, such as expert-led webinars and an integrated practice management system, can […]

Embracing Technology: Enhancing Efficiency in a Cash Practice

Highlights   Embracing technology like a cloud-based EHR can simplify your cash practice’s operations and boost efficiency.  Advantages of using a cloud-based EHR include anywhere, anytime accessibility, increased cost-effectiveness, and better integration with digital health tools.  Switching to ChiroTouch, a leading provider of chiropractic software solutions for over 20 years, can help you streamline operations at […]

Creating a Welcoming Environment: Enhancing the Patient Experience in Cash-Based Chiropractic

Highlights Patient-centric care improves outcomes and enhances the patient experience in cash-based chiropractic practices. While patients must pay upfront in cash-based practices, they are more flexible, can offer more services, and provide better communication. Cash-based practices can improve the patient experience with a soothing atmosphere, convenient scheduling and payment options, and customized treatment plans. ChiroTouch […]

Navigating Marketing Strategies for Cash-Based Chiropractic Practices

Highlights Knowing the right marketing strategies for cash-based chiropractic can help you attract new patients and grow your cash-only practice.  With a focus on using social platforms and optimizing SEO, you can boost your online presence to bring new patients in. Strategies like referral programs and email campaigns can boost patient retention and attract more […]

Meet the Expert: Recommendations and Best Practices That Could Transform Your Chiropractic Operations and Optimize Revenue

Introduction This article explores the experiences and insights of Susan Edwards,practice management consultant from Reliance Consulting and Management Group. Susan has extensive experience working with chiropractors to navigate the changes that come with investing in a new practice management solution. The chiropractors Susan has worked with have seen great improvements in their workflows since switching […]

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Highlights   Optimizing your Google My Business listing can help you boost online visibility and attract more patients to your practice.  To optimize your GMB listing, you can implement strategies such as asking for reviews, completing all areas of the profile, and keeping your practice information up-to-date.  Integrated chiropractic EHR software like ChiroTouch can help you […]

How To Create a Chiropractic Patient Referral Program

Highlights  Learn how to create a patient referral program to attract new patients using your existing patient network.  Developing a patient referral program requires creating attractive incentives and emails to share with patients to encourage them to refer new patients to your clinic.  Digital patient communication tools can help you optimize your referral program by […]

Six Ways ChiroTouch Can Improve Your Practice’s Profitability

Work less and earn more with completely integrated chiropractic practice management software. Streamline your workflow and boost revenue with faster charting, online scheduling, integrated payment processing, and automated claims management. This practical guide gives you an inside look at how automated workflows and high-level data storage can improve your practice’s profitability.  In our guide, you’ll […]