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2024 Chiropractic EHR Selection Guide

Choosing a chiropractic EHR system for your practice is a significant undertaking. Your practice’s EHR software impacts every aspect of daily operations, so it is vital to choose an EHR system that meets the needs of your staff.  With our new 2024 EHR selection guide eBook, you can discover the key elements to consider when […]

5 Ways to Practice Happier

Download our eBook to discover how to create a more efficient, streamlined workplace for your chiropractic practice. Learn how an innovative, cloud-based practice management system can significantly boost morale for everyone involved — from staff to patients. Gain insights on: Reducing administrative burden. Understand how minimizing time spent on scheduling and paperwork can enhance overall […]

Six Ways ChiroTouch Can Improve Your Practice’s Profitability

Work less and earn more with completely integrated chiropractic practice management software. Streamline your workflow and boost revenue with faster charting, online scheduling, integrated payment processing, and automated claims management. This practical guide gives you an inside look at how automated workflows and high-level data storage can improve your practice’s profitability.  In our guide, you’ll […]

Meet ChiroTouch Analytics: A Better Way to Track Practice Performance

Highlights   ChiroTouch offers advanced analytics capabilities like real-time dashboards and static reports. End-of-day (EOD) reports are the most effective way to track your practice’s day-to-day performance.  EOD reports provide insights into payments, charges, and appointments that help maximize profitability. Use Chirotouch’s cloud analytic functions to identify areas for improvement, track progress over time, and implement […]

2023 Marketing Playbook for Chiropractors

For chiropractors, effective marketing is essential for building a successful practice. The right marketing strategy helps you promote your services to increase awareness for your brand, establish trust and credibility, and grow your patient base. This comprehensive guide outlines everything you need to know about chiropractic marketing to help you attract new patients for a […]

Armando Esquivel, Office Manager “Best time saver software!”

ChiroTouch is the best that I have used. It saves time and generates reports that I use to keep track of our business. It’s been a time saver for our office.  – Armando Esquivel

Dr. Chris Kahanec “Opened new practice and happy with cloud-based ChiroTouch!”

I have used ChiroTouch for 7 years now. I just opened my own practice and switched to the cloud-based version.  The whole process has been great. In addition to my training session with [employee name suppressed] and I can’t say enough how great she has been with my transition to the new service.  –  Dr. […]

Dr. Austin Quon “Best features and excellent customer service!”

We love ChiroTouch.  I have used it for 7+ years and recommend to all my colleagues. Excellent customer service.  All the representatives I have personally communicated with have been very helpful and understanding of my busy schedule.  –  Dr. Austin Quon

Dawn: “Excellent. Reports, invoices, etc. easy to generate.”

Excellent. Reports, invoices, etc. easy to generate. Scheduling easy to do. Using the software is easy due to it’s logical set up. Sending claims and receiving remits very easy. Tech support is AMAZING. [employee name hidden] helped today with our server transfer – it was smooth, quick and easy. – Dawn

Dr. Francois Montbrun “Cloud-based ChiroTouch is simpler than our former software!”

Our office recently switched over to cloud-based ChiroTouch for our pediatric and pre-natal cash practice. It is so much simpler to use than our old software.  Great experience so far!  -Dr. Francois Montbrun

Brandon Mathews “ChiroTouch is the way to go!”

ChiroTouch is the way to go for chiropractic software. They make charting super easy and help make the running of our business more organized.  [Employee name suppressed} was super helpful with our onboarding call and did a great job of answering my questions. – Brandon Mathews

Erik Frederiksen: “The company has excellent customer service…”

I’ve been using Chirotouch in my practice and find it a great time saver. The company has excellent customer service, one of their representatives, Suzanne Maher, has been particularly helpful with her knowledge and interest in teaching the software. – Erik Frederiksen, Gentle Chiropractic

Dr. Carter Regula, DC: “Awesome software and support…”

Awesome software and support, Suzanne did a great job with my onboarding education – Dr. Carter Regula, DC, Clark Chiropractic

Chris Foster: “We have been using ChiroTouch over the last 10 years. There isn’t a more complete or thorough EHR on the market.”

We have been using ChiroTouch over the last 10 years. There isn’t a more complete or thorough EHR on the market. The support staff, when I have used them, are very personable, professional, and thorough. I had to use tech support today to reinstall my back up system. The tech, Jodi Taylor, was very thorough […]

Julie Gonzalez: “Great experience! Easy to follow”

Great experience! Easy to follow and the set up was very quick! Thank you! – Julie Gonzalez, Family Tree Chiropractic